So I’m Lorna and this is my first blog post. Not first ever, I blog every week for work but first personal blog. I’ve been inspired by blogs such as WIWT  and the creative writings of Heidi Stephens. Not that I’m comparing myself to these modern literary (and comedic) greats, I’m not even sure if I have their commitment but we’ll give it a go.

What do you need to know? I’m in my early 20’s and work as a marketing manager. Since October 2010 I’ve been a homeowner living with OH and cat after graduating from Staffordshire University with a 2:1 in English Literature. Twitter would take over my life if I let it. Twitter and rubbish T.V. I’m surprised I didn’t decide to go into marketing sooner. Friends at school always seemed to know what they wanted to do; doctor, teacher, fashion designer, civil engineer. My problem was that I was never good at one thing. That problem has turned into my main strength. I first got a taste for marketing at 14 when I did a week’s work experience where my dad worked. When I turned 16 I returned there to the sales department and then at 17 managed to wangle a summer working with their new Marketing Manager. I loved it. At 18 I returned and was lucky enough that their marketing assistant left/had an emotional breakdown and I managed to get promoted from assistant’s assistant, to assistant. After some rather disappointing A Level results (BBC in Art, RS and English) I was lucky enough to be able to stay there for a year and learned as much as I could about Marketing.

Throughout Uni I remained interested taking as many summer jobs as possible doing marketing relating stuff then after I graduated took a job as Marketing Coordinator for an online paving company. I didn’t stay long as I was offered a job at Mamas & Papas and the lure of a big retail brand was too much to refuse. I stayed a year. During that year I learnt so much about business, office politics and how being negative doesn’t get you anywhere. I have also never experienced stress and long hours like it. The people were great but it just wasn’t for me. Basically I was fed up being told how to do things and wanted to try it my way. As if by magic I got that call. Since December 2010 I’ve been working in my dream job – Marketing Manager.

So that’s me in a nutshell. How about you?

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