This is mainly because Friday is my birthday. My 24th to be exact. And bizarrely at almost 24 I’m still as excited about the special day as I was when I was 8, and I know that Thursday night will be a restless one. I’m starting t0 think that it’s just me – I have a friend who despises birthdays (she’s younger than me) and hates celebrating. But then again she also hates Sundays. My OH turned 25 last week. He wasn’t excited or jovial about it at all… just kept muttering “15 years then I’m 40.”

I think I am pleased about getting older because I’ve always felt I’ve looked young for my age. At Uni I could still pass for about 16, and even now I think some people are shocked when they meet me and assume I am
inexperienced and immature. Which is only partly true.

Talking of work – I have finally completed my CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing. It’s seemed like I’ve been studying for
ages but yes I am now a qualified marketer, instead of an English Lit student with a bit of experience. To say I am overjoyed is a understatement. But I can’t help thinking… what course will I do next? I want to achieve so much more by the next birthday, and there is only so much time. In June I’ve got a CIM training day in Manchester for SEO marketing, but what I really want to do is
my diploma. Big step. And a lot of commitment. Maybe before I’m 30?

2 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Just go ahead and do it…. as long as you love it and you’re happy. just don’t make it the source of stress and anxiety. Good luck on your future endeavors.

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