At work, I’m often thinking about charity and what I can do on behalf of Playrite to help people out there. There are a few things we’ve already done, with projects such as Bats and Balls where we supplied some material for inside their sports hall, then have gone on to supply additional material free of charge to help smarten up the outside of their facilities. But this is really just small fry… and I wanted to have reflect on what the people I know where doing personally….

Just today some ladies I went to uni with have been taking part in Race for Life. Sharon wanted to raise £100 for the charity, but so far as exceeded her goal and has raised over £160! Great work!

Playrite’s own Area Sales Manager Steve has just started the 3 peak challenge (in under 24hrs) and has raised over £200 for the RAF Benevolent Fund! I’ll be tweeting all about the 24 hours of his journey @playritesurface but here are some of the photos so far….

Finally my good friend Sam is raising money for Rowecroft Hospice, Torbay and doing a 10 mile walk. It’s on the July 9th and she’s been training with her mum and her sister and will hopefully complete the walk in good time.

All this good will is making me think I should do something charitable….

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