This time of year is without a doubt the wedding season. Since getting together with the OH we have without fail been invited to at
least one wedding per year for the last 3 years. So far, half my friends and family, half his. In fact we’ve just got back from a wedding on Saturday in Nantwich. Was really lovely, but then I guess all wedding are? I love everything about weddings: family getting together, meeting friends, the food, the drink and then the dance floor. Not to mention any excuse for a new outfit and spray tan 😛

This wedding was OH’s Dads – Fiancés – Son’s wedding. You already have presumptions before a wedding and ideas of what they day will be like. I must say I was spot. I guessed what the dress would look like (stunning corset with diamantes around the waist, full veil and tiara), I guessed the table decorations (deep pink with crystals everywhere) and I guessed the dinner (roast beef and Yorkshire puddings). And it was spot on. It was clear so much thought and preparation had gone into everything. Loved the fact also that the tables were themed around Paris and all named after the different arrondissements (it was Paris where the groom proposed last year). Also on the tables to mark where we were sitting we had a little photoframe with a picture of us in, really nice touch, complete with a CD of all the songs we were asked to request throughout the evening. How thoughtful!

We managed to go most of the evening, but then the dreaded question finally arose: “so, when will you two be getting married?” – not for a while yet we responded in unison J

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