So this week is about holidays. Mainly because I am on my holiday as I write. In the South of France to be specific and it is red hot. Staying with OH and his family in a lovely area and after a flight delayed for 2 hours and a very boring day at Leeds/Bradford airport so far I’ve managed to experience:

4 days in the sun

1 really bad case of prickly heat on my arm

16 and counting mosquito bites

½ a book (100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

34 unread work emails (and about 250 read)

Countless sites of the most beautiful countryside and lovely spots to eat and drink

5 hours of forced Wimbledon watching

And before we leave one trip to the beach!

The beach is my favourite thing about holidays, most definitely. That and not needing an excuse to lie around and take afternoon
naps. Although, this holiday I’ve found it really hard to switch off. There is so much going on at work at the moment and in a bizarre way I just want to get back into the swing of it. I am a workaholic. Fine, I’ll admit it. But in the moments I have been able to relax and forget everything, it’s been lovely. I think I could live in France, if I learnt the language first. I think their way
of life would suit me… what do you think?

Click here to see some more photos of Mon Vacances click here.

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