I love beauty products. Adore them. They’re bursting out of the bathroom cupboard and over spilling from my dressing table. But since returning from my holidays I’ve found I now need a whole new army of products to keep my holiday glow and new found tan in check.

Here is the low down of my favourite products I’d personally recommend to anyone – any my reasons why:

I get a terribly red nose at times (the sun doesn’t help) and my cheeks get a bit rouged at times also. I couldn’t resist
picking this up tax free, and I already use their Dramatically Different Moisturiser, which sadly doesn’t have SPF but now with the Relief Cream my skin will be saved! Using after moisturiser, it feels really nice on my skin, not greasy or stingy. Finally!

I’ll let you in on a secret… I don’t tan very well sometimes. I need 3 weeks in the sun to get that healthy glow rather than
just 1, but a little bit of fake tan goes along way once you’ve caught a bit of sun, and I really like L’oreal’s Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Fresh Feel Gel. It’s great because you can use it on face and body, which is great as some fake tans say you can’t use on your face, and the gel really is light and not too sticky. It still has that distinctive smell, but if I’m honest I quite like that
bisquity-roast-chicken smell. Weird I know. Before this I used a Dior tanning gel for the face, which they stopped selling.
It was a really good product, but the L’oreal is a good lower priced alternative.

My favourite skin care product is usually Lancome’s Hydra Zen Neurocalm, a really light soothing tinted moisturiser.
Currently, I am too bronzed to use my usual light one, but the sun and the Clinique means I don’t need it…. while the tan lasts.

I absolutely love Benefit make up. When I was a teenager it was hard to get in the UK, and I used to send my dad into Malls
across America whilst he was working abroad to bring the products home for me. My favourite product of theirs is their  Hollywood Glow. I just went to look online to find a link and (shock horror) I can’t seem to find it online! So I’ll have to start using mine a bit
more sparingly – although I’m sure their other shimmers are just as good.

Whilst on holiday, I rediscovered my love for Aussie Hair shampoos and conditioners. They are light and don’t weight down hair, whilst still leaving it tangle free… which is good as I have a lot of tangles thanks to my thick, dark, unwavy but still unruly hair.

Lip balm – I am so fussy about my lip balm. For years I’ve steered away from Vaseline… and only used Body Shop Hemp Lip
Protector on my luscious lips. Try it and you’ll never go back.

Blusher is a makeup must for me, alongside mascara. But I am not sure on the difference between a really expensive blusher
and a cheap and cheerful blusher. That’s why I bought 17’s blush powder in First Flush which is a lovely dark pink colour that lasts all day and doesn’t look too heavy or block the pours.

I also got my favourite lipstick of all time from 17, Mirror Shine On in Nudist
Peach. I wanted a Lancome one…. from their new range with Kate Winslet advertising, but couldn’t justify the costs. I often buy expensive lipsticks and never wear them again so I thought with a cheap and cheerful product from 17 I have nothing to lose, and I love it. Plus their nail polishes come in lots of fashionable colours at a very reasonable price.

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