This week has most definitely been about work. And not just the 9 – 5 job (well actually 8 – 4.30 but you know what I mean). This week I’v been working on a family project to start a blog/website for Honey Cottage Handicrafts. My grandma and my aunty have been making things all their lives; they sew, knit, crochet, do tatting, quilt… and can just about put their minds to making anything. They wanted to set up a website to help raise money for charity, which they do every year.

So the site is now live, but it’ll change from time to time as I iron out the bugs. And most importantly you can now buy our cushions and baby blankets online!! By tomorrow once I’ve had another fight with Google you’ll be able to buy our other items which is great news. If I’m honest I’m pretty impressed with how things have worked out – which goes to show that anyone can start their own website with a bit of passion and committment 🙂

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