This week has been about WIWT (What I Wore Today) – the website created by Poppy Disney. Started as a New Year’s Resolution to make the most of her wardrobe, she posted 1 picture every day describing and showing what she wore. Sounds simple, but it also sounds fun and that’s why I was so keen to get involved in the Beta testing of the brand new website where it’s not just Poppy telling the world what she wore today. Anyone can upload a picture and tag where their clothes are from, write a bit about their outfit and explain how they’re feeling. Other members rate your outfits and let me tell you it’s really great to know other people like or share a similar fashion sense (I was far too excited when I got an email telling me I’d made it into the editors choice and my outfit would be on the homepage!!). It also really made me think about what I was wearing, and what kind of impression my clothes made to the people I worked with, had business meetings with and also the other users on WIWT. But it’s no catwalk and there is definitely room for the odd pyjama-and-slippers combo too.

WIWT beta website preview

I would even say that using WIWT helped me to be a bit braver and try items in my wardrobe I might have previously dismissed (although you might not think it from the distinct lack of colour in my 2 pics). Think how many items you must have in your wardrobe, all the shoes, bags, tops, dresses etc that go unworn and instead of trying something new you just stick to the same old safe outfit. Well WIWT will help cure that and make you realise that you never have ‘nothing to wear’.

The only downside is that with all the listed brands, great pictures and links directly to online shops it’s making me want to go shopping!! But then I always want to shop! The whole tone of voice of the site is hilarious and really does make you laugh out loud, with the same dry wit you get from Poppy on her current FAQ page with my fav qu being “can you pose naked?” and Poppy’s response of:

“Listen, I’m going to let you into a little secret. If you look really hard, then you can actually find real life NAKED people on the internet. Yes, it sounds too good to be true. But there really are websites that have photos of naked people on them. Some of them even have videos of naked people on them! Naked people having sex! I know, I know…it sounds implausible. But there are hot hoochie mamas who have this ‘naked’ market tapped, so you don’t need me to add to it.”


The site will be live in August and the mysteriously “awesome” Iphone app will be launching at the same time. WIWT will also feature social network integration so you can search for Facebook friends, link outfits direct to Twitter or Facebook and other fun stuff like that so make sure your wardrobe is prepared!

7 thoughts on “WIWT

  1. I remember coming across WIWT ages ago and thought it was wicked! I’ve always thought you’re really stylish anyway, so you should definitely go ahead and be a bit braver. Agh, I also want to go shopping now. It’s very dangerous knowing your card details by heart.

  2. It’s a great website and the new one will be even better! Love using the beta site. I even read about WIWT and creater Poppy Disney in Marie Claire magazine (so it must be worthwhile right?)

    Also wanting to shop – but that’s not the point of WIWT – it’s wearing and making the most of what you’ve already got 😀

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  4. I wear a uniform for work.. May get a tad boring. Perhaps I could wear my silk scarf in a different way every day! *ponders*

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