Since I last posted… and I know that was far too long ago… my life has been at a crossroads. Sometimes in life you find yourself naturally approaching choices that will affect your future. On this occasion I was pushed out of a fast moving car and rather cruelly presented with two choices – “try go back” or “try go forwards”. In many ways neither was very inviting. Go back wasn’t much of a possibility, but going forwards meant something entirely different. Moving on meant putting the last 3 years behind me, writing certain elements of my life off as a lost cause and just being me again. But this in itself has been a huge opportunity – which I am now embracing and the future isn’t bleak or scary – it’s exciting!

Throughout life I think everyone sometimes struggles with the question “who am I?” We know what we’re defined by… what our tastes are, what genres we like and what stereotypes we fit into. But do we know who we really are?

I am 24 (which in itself is weird as I can no longer empathasise with the Jimmy Eat World song “23”)

I have a good job which I love

I have amazing friends and family and I honestly don’t know where I would be without them

I am no longer afraid to say that yes I’ve failed at something and no doubt I’ll fail at more things in the future… but I’ll always be able to pick myself up and dust myself off!

… I think maybe I’ve been listening to Charlie Simpson “Parachutes” too many times this week.

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