This last week… I must admit… has been slightly boring. Only because a few weeks ago I was in Exeter with uni friends helping the bride prepare for her wedding. Back to reality now and yes life can be a bit mundane. So… here is a list of my top entertainment websites and why they are awesome:

Top of the list has to be David Thorne has provided me with many hours of entertainment at work (on my lunch hour obviously) through suppressed laughter. His site saw me through the darker days when my to do list consisted of ‘stare out of window in melancholic fashion’ and ‘check emails 100 times an hour.’ I may now buy his book.  Though I am currently reading One Day – secretly hoping Em tells Dex to get stuffed but I don’t think that’ll happen.

Next comes amazing new site WIWT which is now LIVE! Here… you can upload your outfits and they get rated by other members. Not only that you can find great new brands and the majority of the outfits links directly to the website so you can buy the items yourself! Read about the beta testing site here…

I am really enjoying the Mamas & Papas blog at the moment. I love it especially due to the fact that I used to work there and know some of the bloggers – it’s great to read about their journeys into parenthood and see how they’re getting on. Especially as most of the stories are pretty damn funny. And cute 😀 keep up the great work guys!

Another lady I worked with at M&P is Heidi. Her blog makes me chortle out loud as she regales readers with her dry sense of humour and tales of the small and idyllic sounding village she lives in and all the characters who walk into her house (uninvited).

Next comes Damn you Autocorrect – a childish site yes but it’s funny because it’s true.

On top of this there is always Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for a bit of light lunchtime/evening entertainment…. seriously what did we do before the internet? But then I got thinking… I should be doing something wholesome and good for the community or something instead of wasting my time complaining of being bored and making my eyes more square. So that’s when I decided I would run 10k next year. For charity. Now it’s out there I’ll have to do it. Baring in mind I can’t remember the last time I ran outside and the treadmill literally killed me last week after 4k (in 30 minutes). But 2012 is ages away right? RIGHT?? So that’s my first goal for 2012. Wish me luck!!

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