Day 1 – Playrite Arrive in Cologne

The day I never though would arrive is finally here. I’ve literally been planning this exhibition since December when I first started at Playrite. To say I am nervous is a complete understatement. Happily I am not travelling alone, but still, it is a little nerve wracking getting to the airport alone for the first time (I know, I know what a baby).

So taking some time to write from plane, still unsure about what the stand will be like but as our flight has been slightly delayed hoping the guys will have cracked on with unloading and unpacking and that there will be minimal work for us to do! I could get used to travelling though, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast, shopping in Kurt Geiger, choosing perfume in Jo Malone…

Arrive at stand about 4pm. And although it looks a LOT smaller than previously thought it would, I am happy with it. The guys then cracked on with fitting the carpet and did an amazing job. I am writing now back in hotel, got 30 mins to change before we are out again at the Hard Rock Cafe. I am totally starving, exhausted and a bit smelly but I must say… I LOVE Cologne! Will upload some photos of the stand¬†tomorrow if I can, but we are all really happy with it and hoping that this will be the best FSB EVER!


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