Day 2 – The Stand Is Complete (more or less)

So we all set off the bloody long walk to the Koelnmesse this morning at 8:30am after a surprisingly nice breakfast (Steve chose an excellent hotel to be fair) and started finishing off the stand. I don’t want to give too much away about the design and the look of it, the big reveal will happen tomorrow on the Playrite Blog (including some YouTube videos… technology permitting) but I have uploaded a few pictures on Facebook. It hasn’t gone as smooth as I’d have liked, but the stand builders have been very flexible and helped iron out any problems we’ve had. We even managed to leave at 2:00pm! That’s how well things have gone! A MASSIVE thankyou to the Playrite team šŸ˜€

I write this from Subway in Cologne (I know, I know, totally different country and I still have my lunch at Subway!) Some of the guys have gone for a run, some gone to buy pillows (!) and this is the first time I’ve been alone in a foreign country. I love it! Why have I never done this before? Cologne has a great atmosphere, and because a lot of the people speak English I feel a lot happier wandering around by myself. I am going to go see if I can find a nail bar in a bit, my nails are in a disgusting state after setting up, or maybe have more of a wander or StarbucksĀ before an early dinner tonight then the start of the exhibition tomorrow.

Now I am getting a little nervous for doing the whole meet and greet thing on the stand. But we’ve got the majority of the sales team here and I reckon I’ll be speaking to a fair few customers, magazines, twitter followers etc as well as checking out some of the competition.

Speak to you tomorrow directly from the stand!!

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