Day 3 – And so it Begins….


Guten Tag from the Koelnmesse! Today is the first day on the stand so early(ish) start of 7:00am then getting ready, breakfast, walk to stand. I must say the stand is looking amazing, I am so proud of it, and thankful to the whole Playrite team for their help in getting everything set up. Read the Playrite Blog to find out more…


I am writing this from the SAPCA stand who have kindly let me camp out here with my laptop, Ipad, sandwich and phone (and they even got me a drink). FSB has a great atmosphere and already we’ve had some good enquiries from lots of different countries. I don’t envy the team at Mamas & Papas who were out in Cologne last month, they must have been rushed off their feet on such a big stand! So far I have only met a few customers and a couple of contacts from magazines etc but I’ve also had the opportunity to check out a lot of the different stands. Let me tell you, there must be some big money in this industry! Some of the stands are massive… with tv screens, ipads, huge custom built structures… it really is mindblowing. I’m hoping after my rest and another cuppa (and possibly some red bull) I’ll have found some more energy…  But the Playrite team have got some great leads already – I don’t know where the guys get their energy from! Out tonight with customers and really looking forwards to doing some more socialising with the team although I must admit it is hard work. And also… what to wear?


Rush to get back to room, shower, touch up make up, straighten hair, decide black dress and new black shoes is a winning combo 🙂 time for drinks in lobby before heading out to meet some customers and enjoy a nice meal. Feet are in agony.


Back in room. Had a really good laugh tonight with the Playrite team and some of our customers. Honestly very enlightening to hear a customers point of view. Definitely think it is time for bed as breakfast is planned for 8:30am. Good night from Cologne.

(Ps. note to Lynne, Judy and Kate back at the office – Yes everyone is looking after me)

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