Day 4 – Playrite Celebrate 20 Years


Writing from the storage cupboard on the stand, the calm before the storm I think. Today is the day at FSB we have chosen to celebrate 20 years of Playrite. I’m not going to go on about the history of Playrite and all that – if you’re interested you can read all about it here.

Feet are definitely sore today! Especially so as I am in heels as my pumps really made my feet ache. Sensible footwear was one of the main things on my list but somehow I got sidetracked before the exhibition and never got chance to buy any really comfy shoes 😦 One thing that I am really looking forwards to, already, is FSB 2013! We’ve had some great ideas for our stand for next time and I am looking forwards to doing it all again, learning from what has and hasn’t worked this time, and making a bigger and better stand. 2013 seems so long away but personally time has just flown recently and god only knows what will have changed for me and for Playrite by then. But I am looking forwards to finding out.


Well the celebrations have gone down fantastically well. We had so many visitors on our stand, all toasting to 20 years of Playrite. Even now the stand is still pretty full but I am just taking a moment to rest my feet 😦 an early night is most definitely called for tonight!!

Home time tomorrow.

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