Day 5 – Time To Go Home


Well I survived fsb and am now waiting at the airport for my flight home. We’ve all gone our separate ways so hoping everyone has safe journeys home. Today was much quieter but still had a good amount of visitors and enquiries. I am absolutely shattered but I’ve loved the opportunity to meet customers and see the show. I feel like I could sleep all weekend now – basically since Monday we’ve been working 18 hour days!

I do have some beauty recommendations I couldn’t have lived without is week…. First E45 cream. I don’t know why but my skin has been so dry! Forgot to moisturise this morning and I really needed to… But it saved me every other day. Second is the Garnier eye roll on – amazing. Maybe not as good as touché éclat but half the price. Thirdly is the boots tired eye kit… Definitely needed this and used the eye masks every morning whilst dozing in bed. Finally and I cannot praise this product enough, the Lancome teint idole 18 hour foundation. I’ve really got out of the way of using foundation and opt for a tinted moisturiser but knew with late nights and long days I’d need something more substantial. I will never look back!


Back home now. Late tea, pyjamas, cuppa tea…. Bed I think 🙂 hope you’ve enjoying my blogs throughout Cologne. I’ll be writing again soon!

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