Train from Halifax to London. Suddenly very sleepy, but maybe 8 hrs sleep a night is overrated. Of course the ticket machine wasn’t working, why would it be working? To be fair if that’s the only thing that goes wrong today I’ll have got off lightly. Been on train just over an hour, painted nails, wasn’t sure of train etiquette about that because I know some people cannot stand smell of polish. But then I saw a man with a cat and thought well if he can bring a cat on Grant Central Rail I can bloody well paint my nails.


Doncaster. Please no one sit next to me, my bag and I need two seats!


Ok no one next to me but surrounded by business men, yummy mummies and their kids trying to work out where their seats are… Gr…. Trains would be perfect if it wasn’t for other people. No chance of a sleepy now. Feel a bit elitist as I type on iPad as the man opposite scribbles in his Pukka notepad (child diagonally opposite is staring at me! Looks like Damien from The Omen). Basically I am off to London today to check out the PE and Sports Conference. Our rep Sean is already there setting up and I should get there just before lunch to check it out and get a feel for the event. Last time I went to London was in February and was there and back in one very long day. Things were very different then. A whole world of difference between then and now, but then that’s the case for now and 4 months ago. I am lucky to be staying in the big city tonight, haven’t stayed in London longer than a day in about 10 years.

On a completely different note, how close is Christmas? I absolutely adore the new John Lewis ad… Anyone else know of any good ads this year?


Retract previous statement about Omen child…He cannot help it. His mum has dressed him in a Barbour jacket and patent leather shoes. Poor thing doesn’t stand a chance

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