Well don’t I just get about a bit?! International jet setter eat your heart out. London last week, Exeter the next! I do like a good train journey, though after 4 hrs 20 minutes I may be incredibly bored. For entertainment purposes this will entertain me for at least a few minutes:

Ah boys you crack me up!

Anyways….on to the main journey….


On train, don’t know yet if virgin cross country will be blessing us with wifi, perhaps not. Going to be a bloody long train journey without it! 24 yrs old and still my dad asks me if I “know how to get on the train” and “can I manage with a cup of tea and my suitcase?” (yes Sam if you’re reading this I am bringing a suitcase) he also felt the need to ask me if I’d reserved seating and did I know where coach D was… Then told me how the coaches are named in alphabetical order and that if I was in D that would be between E and C. Bless. He made me my fav sandwiches tho for the journey so I shouldn’t complain. Someone was sat in my seat anyways and I couldn’t be bothered to argue which will no doubt cause disruption earlier in the journey that basically stops everywhere possible between Wakefield and Exeter.


I can smell rice cakes


No I apparently cannot butter a scone on a train and eat it successfully without making a mess. Man sat next to me scowled at me as he dusted off his pieces of paper to remove crumbs I created. Oops. You know what I don’t get at the moment? Men with moustaches. I don’t get if they usually have them or just if they are just sporting facial hair for Movember.


Good old American Dad is keeping me well entertained


That embarrassing moment u realise you’ve been napping with your mouth wide open


So Virgin Cross Country trains don’t have wifi at all. Why then do they insist on sticking QR codes and posters including web addresss everywhere? You are teasing me with your lack of Internet! Can’t wait to get off this ridiculously warm train and go do big shop with Sam then make a lasagne for dinner. With garlic bread (garlic?? Bread??)


Definitely smell rice cakes again. Lykke Li “little bit” playing on iPad (go on… YouTube it…you know you’re interested in my musical tastes). Train slightly delayed as the train in fronts breaks weren’t working…. How worrying. Phone battery dying, hope I’ve brought charger and not just thrown it in direction of case this morning. Really looking forwards to spending some time with my favourite (and only) married friends, nice and chilled extended weekend of shopping, seasides, Twilight and eating out.

Now the man diagonally opposite me is coughing really loudly into his can of Carling and laptop and the man opposite me is scowling at him. Oh how I do love people watching. You can’t beat a good people watching session….


Settled on sofa waiting for lasagne to cook 🙂

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