… and I don’t mean the bedding type of covers, I mean the musical kind. And yes this is going to be one of those frustrated, rant style blogs about how people shouldn’t be allowed to cover good songs if they’re only going to make them rubbish (X Factor – I am talking to you).

I’d already thought about writing something along these lines when I heard T Pain’s song featuring Lily Allen’s “5 O’Clock in the Morning”… equal to if not worse than “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derülo featuring Imogen Heap’s amazing song “Hide and Seek”. What bothers me the most is the fact that people will hear a song, not realise it is a cover and never appreciate the original version.


I, myself, once loved The Corrs “Dreams” only to realise later in life that the original by Fleetwood Mac was far superior and that The Corrs should never have been allowed to commit such musical crimes.

That isn’t to say I hate all covers. “Limit to your Love” by Feist, covered by James Blake is amazing regardless of which version you listen to, as both are so diverse. Same goes for “Hallelujah” in my opinion, Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley – it’s all good! Just as Nine Inch Nails “Hurt” and Johnny Cash’s version both bring something different to the party.

Which brings me to my opening point about X Factor. I love the show. I hate the songs they choose for them. Alexandra Burke (Hallelujah), Leona Lewis (Hurt) and now Little Mix (Damien Rice’s Cannonball). It is a crime against music! So please, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it and if you can’t add to a song or make it different (in a good way) then just leave it alone! Leona – Johnny will be spinning in his grave thanks to you.

2 thoughts on “Covers

  1. Love this post Lorna – so true and spot on with your comments on these awful covers. I don’t know what some of these artists are thinking sometimes… as most cover versions are horrible at the best of times!

    I especially cringe when I hear a song that is clearly superb in it’s own right and original recording – & should be left well alone. Yet they go ahead anyway and produce a poor cover version anyway.

    In particular it’s even worse when it’s just a copycat version – so the artist makes zero effort in changing it up or dare I say it “make it their own” (Quote USA X-factor!!)

    Some of the Worst Covers ever:

    Ronan Keating – Iris
    Will Young – Light my fire
    All Saints – Under the bridge

    there’s probably soooo many more awful ones out there but these are the few that come to mind.

    Some of the Better Covers:

    The Animals – House of the Rising Sun
    Oasis – I am the Walrus
    Beatles – Twist and Shout

    Just saying!


  2. I totally agree, especially with the fact that All Saints and their awful cover of “Under the Bridge”. Such. A. Bad. Cover. And it totally changes the whole entire meaning of the song!!

    The whole X Factor thing is just a mad rush to number one at Christmas, talking of Christmas number one, who was number one?? Also – did you have a good Christmas break?

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