One thing I hate, is being called a whinge. This week however I’ll admit I’ve pretty much whinged about everything. And I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m typing this through improvised scratch mittens (i.e. socks on my hands) to stop itching the dermatitis that was spontaneously developed overnight on my hands due to allergy to work/washing up/cold weather/stress or all of the above (give me sympathy).

It’s not all doom and gloom… New Girl on channel four entertained me for 30 odd minutes [“pink wine makes me slutty”] and was better than I expected, though to be fair I didn’t expect much. Think it’ll be obvious (she’ll get with the just dumped housemate) but good nevertheless. Anyway. The horrible year that was 2011 is well and truly over, things are moving forwards, life is good so I’ll just have to blame general whingy-ness on January blues. Next year, someone please remind me to book a holiday somewhere warm and glamorous. Like here… (thanks Jonathan for the picture)

One thought on “Whinging

  1. Awww poor Lorna – sending lots of sympathy and hugs your way! Hope the January blues soon disappear and you are back to the usual happy-go lucky self šŸ˜‰

    Please remember the holiday home invitation is always available – you know the location and where I’ve hidden the keys – so maybe a nice relaxing break in the Maldives will recharge your batteries.

    Just think you can be relaxing in the warm sun, taking in the stunning views, splashing in the water via the slide, using the bespoke sunken pool, sunbathing on the loungers etc… all whilst wearing ur improvised scratch mittens haha Paradise!

    Oh and cos I know you’re such an avid sports fan you’ll be delighted to know we won 5-1 tonight YAY!


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