Moving (again)

It’s official. I hate moving house. I hate packing, I hate unpacking, I especially hate lifting and carrying and countless trips from car to house/flat and back again. However, I appear to be doing it all over again. It’s awful to think that in the last 5 year I’ve moved 7 times!! (To halls at uni, to house at uni, to Dad’s, to flat, to house, to Dad’s to new flat) Hopefully I’ll stay put at new flat for atleast 6 months, though statistically speaking…..

Anyways the unpacking has begun and it’s a bit like being back at my box room at uni having other people tell me I’ll never fit all that in there (sounds kinda rude out of context doesn’t it?) The flat is great and I’m sure it’s big enough for me, but being the show flat I keep finding random decorative items lying around. 5 vases for example. Why so many empty vases? Weird.

Anyway here is where my sofa will go, somewhere along that back wall….

Here is a collection of pink glass things on the bedroom window sill:

And this is what it’s time for:

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