For like the millionth time…. but don’t worry, I’m not moving out of my humble flat… it’s nearly HOLIDAY TIME!!!!

Inspired by Sophie’s great blog and reading about the start of her journey and research, I thought I’d better do a bit of an update before I fly off to warmer climates (I hope to God). Sunday at 2:30am, Shell and I will start our epic journey to Manchester Airport and depart to Portugal and I cannot wait, although at the moment it doesn’t quite feel like we’re really going.

You may have noticed from the lack of blogs (bad Lorna) that things have been manic at the moment, but I am all settled in the batchelorette pad and no haven’t yet bought 50 cats to become a crazy cat lady.

I’m packing up at work also, as we’re moving offices and saying goodbye to the freezing cold/boiling hot portacabin-attached-to-falling-down-house. As I type I am wearing gloves and scarf as well as still having coat on. It is that cold.

So almost in holiday mode, I am pretty much already packed – threw about 5 items out of my case last night (I don’t need 4 pairs of shorts AND 3 skirts for one week!) My best holiday buy so far has been this bargain swimsuit from ASOS, a bargain at £12 and this fully lined (yehhh no bra on holidays) Maxi dress from for £18.

So speak after hols and bon voyage to me xx

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