At the end of April, myself and the wonderful Shell finally got our holiday! We’d been hoping to get away since our last holiday to Tunisia in 2009 but with no luck due to busy schedules and other crappy life stuff. It was my first hotel break since then and I was so excited. We wanted a adult only hotel, mainly because we’re still at that stage where at 25 years old and childless you pretty much hate all other children (or is that just me?)

We found a great deal online, 7 nights £450 each half board. I always tend to go half board. I’m put off with all inclusive by the fact that 1. you have to wear a wrist band and 2. I’d probably over indulge

We soon decided on the CS Sao Rafael Atlantic Hotel in Albufeira and I am so glad we did. As a 5 star hotel it was perfect, close to the beach, delicious food, not much in the way of entertainment but that suited us fine as I hate all that stuff…. As always there were a few bad reviews on the old tinterweb and even whilst we were there I heard people complaining about the fact that there were only a handful of UK tv channels (!) and that the free bus to the Old Town one day was only a 5 seater (to be fair the driver just dropped one lots of people off, and came straight back for us. We waited about 10 minutes for the FREE bus which to be isn’t bad as I was on holiday and don’t mind small inconveniences, especially when the chuffing bus was free! Some people!) Anyway here is my review on Tripadvisor:

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 20 June 2012
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I stayed at the CS Sao Rafeal Atlantic Hotel with a friend on a girly holiday at the end of April. We were both really pleased with the facilities, the food, the beach is beautiful, and even thought it was out of season this didn’t spoil our trip.

We definitely thought the hotel was worth its 5 star rating and would definitely visit again. Top tip, a couple told us about another beach bar because the main one was closed. Sardines was only a short walk away to the left of the main beach… Though you wouldn’t think it as it looks like the road is going no where, but the prices were very reasonable and staff friendly.

We went on two trips during the week, the river cruise which was ok but a very long day, and the western wonders trip both booked through Thompsons. Western wonders was by far the best trip I think I’ve been on during a holiday, great value for money and even though the weather wasn’t brilliant our tour guide was so knowledgable and entertaining it was a great day.

Food in the hotel changed every day and there was always plenty choice. We didn’t eat in the al a carte just because we were on a budget but looked lovely.

We didn’t hire a car, there is a supermarket a short walk up the road, free bus to the old town, and good public transport.

A few people have mentioned that the entertainment was lacking, but I suppose it depends what you want from a holiday. We went out of season and they had singers on a few nights but we didn’t really want anything more so ideal for us.

I would definitely recommend this hotel the room was beautiful and the facilities great. Hoping to return soon!

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY

  1. I totally agree about being young and wanting a kids free hotel. Especially when paying $$ for a trip, you want it to be relaxing as possible. Thanks for sharing your review.

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