So this week I saw a job as marketing manager at a cosmetic surgery company and it got me thinking, what kind of company would you never work for? I mean all kinds of companies have marketing departments, I even saw a full page advert for an abortion clinic in Marie Claire magazine (very badly positioned after an article about baby fashion might I add), but would you work for a company like that? Although this is 2012 and I believe in choice, would I be comfortable in a room of strangers saying I worked in such a contentious industry. Or aligning youself against a particular Political party, or what about a company like Barclays or News of the World who are still  in the media with lots of bad press about their ethics and company values.

A marketer’s image is formed by their job title which in itself can give away a plethora of information by the words that come before “marketing” (brand, digital, online, product, consumer…) and the words that come after (manager, director, coordinator, assistant), but often it’s the second question of “who do you work for?” that reveals the most. Is it a big brand name? SME? What do they do? Funeral care? Envelope manufacturer? Insurance broker? And what do they sell, designer gear or cheap, low quality items? Big brands are hard to come by up North and nearly all of them have a reputation of sorts – high staff turn around, low pay, poor profit margins… and how does all that form your image?

To me it’s about corporate responsibility, and as long as I was working for a company that was concerned with quality, great service, and to some degree moral marketing practices then I think I’d be okay with that.

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