As in Johannes Nyholm’s beautiful shadow play Dreams from the Woods.

I came across this thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web. First, I heard this song at the end of Revenge and Googled it. The song was the wonderfully haunting Twice by Little Dragon and the music video is a snipped from above mentioned shadow play.

Now I am desperate to see the full short film and watch the end of the journey and find out if the bird gets the little girl back or if death keeps her. The set and characters are so delicate and fragile, but also beautiful. Although the play looks basic, I was amazed at how intricate all the details are and to read that every sinlge shot was rehearsed multiple times, then shot live, with as many as 15 puppeteers controlling the figures and elements. I also read that some shots were so difficult and complex that they had to reshoot up to 200 times.

You can read more about the project here.

I’ve searched the internet to see the full film which is 9 minutes. If anyone knows of it please let me know – I must see it!

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