A few weeks ago I was thinking about how good it would be to have a secret, anonymous blog. I could share my most deepest and thought provoking moments, I could document the nitty-gritty details of my life, I could tell you I went out the other day with no knickers on and found it very liberating and generally I could have a right good bitch about everyone. But who would I share it with? And more importantly who’d get the praise?

You might call it big headed, but one of the reasons I like TWBA and social media so much is because I can see the work I’ve done and how I’ve grown the site, got more followers and I’m proud my efforts. And I think the site looks pretty. Then people will say “oh Lorna, what a pretty blog you have. It must have taken you hours of trawling through all the templates…”

So for now, we’ll just stick to this blog and I’ll be mindful of what I am saying just in case anyone from work is reading (work which I love – can’t do enough for a good company). All this got me thinking about my rules for blogging/tweeting/facebooking and why I wish other people would stick to them:

  1. Assume that every tweet or facebook update is going to be read by your family, colleagues and boss. Does your mum really need to know that you ran out of condoms? Should you tell your boss you’ve got the worlds worst hangover?
  2. Sharing is caring, but oversharing? I don’t actually want to know everything you do every second. If I did, I’d hang out with you all the time. But I don’t so now I’ll unfriend you.
  3. Mindless posting. Yes I know I post about my blog, but not that often. I don’t want 25 video posts a night that I’ll never listen to or watch. Your videos clog up my feed. I’m unfriending you.
  4. Keep the domestics offline. Everyone loves a good drama but do you need to air your laundry in public? Maybe it is cathartic but if I wanted drama I’d be watching ITV.
  5. Never post about the EX. For almost a whole year I never posted a single comment about my ex, until our house was sold, I’d unfriended all his friends that I never liked anyway, and he phoned me out of the blue to see if I could get him free tickets again to MotoGB from a customer at work and it was just too funny not to. And that status got 22 likes and 9 comments.
  6. Never stalk the ex. Unfriend and block baby! A recent tweet from Daily Mail Online@MailOnline  asked “are you a Facebook ‘creeper’? Nearly 90% of jilted lovers are spying on their ex on social media site” Worrying – 
  7. Apply the five minute rule before posting a rant (I need to apply this to work when replying to emails). If in doubt, remember – there is always a delete button

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