Could you spend £103.89 in a lunch hour? Now remember that the shops are a 15 minute drive there and back… and you can only go in one shop. Well if you’re me that’s no problem. So what do I have to show?

Lunch. Consisting of Shapers cranberry and apple drink, Walkers Sunbites in soured cream and a delicious and healthy chicken tikka flatbread. Total cost for lunch £3.29

I also needed some tanning products. I don’t usually go for the home tanning malarky, but I’d read about the new Fake Bake 60 Minutes in Marie Claire magazine (that mag has a lot to answer for in my opinion) and thought I’d give it a go (volunteers needed to come tan my back pls). £24.95. Then I needed exfoliator in the form of a mitt, bargain at £1.65 but I also needed some Soap & Glory Scrub of your Life £7.00. I’d tried a cheaper exfoliator recently but it left my skin really greasy and the shower very slippy which is no good for fake tanning or health and safety. Total cost for tanning £33.60

Then, this is where they got me with their clever marketing. When I walked in, Clinque were giving away free gifts! Free should really be “free” because of course there are conditions but I needed an eyebrow pencil to stop mine being so “punky” and to fill in the gaps where I tweezed them too much in my teens. £13. Then I wanted a concealar £17. Finally, what tipped it over the edge in one sense but also allowed for the “free” gift (all of which I will most definitely use including the pretty tin, my tampons can live in there) was the Daily Relief moisturiser. I’m a Dramatically Different girl myself but the lure of a new, better cream that will reduce redness, minimise pores and basically make me look a million bucks without a scrap of make up (my words not Clinques) plus the recent concerns of myself and Alex that we’re getting mouth wrinkles cost a whopping £37. Total Clinque spend £67

So that, my friends is how you spend £103.89 in a lunch hour. Will report on the tanning once I am brave enough to try it, and take pictures. It better work because I’m going to a party on Saturday and now have no money for clothes so will be attending naked.

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