I promised after blogging about the ridiculous amount of money I spent in Boots last week I’d write a review of the Fake Bake NEW! 60 Minutes Self Tan Liquid (RRP £24.95) so here it is:

Price – I felt that this price point was quite reasonable, as the last time I got a spray tan it cost around £20 and there is probably enough in the bottle for around 10 – 15 applications. The product doesn’t have a very long shelf life (10 weeks) but this is due to the lack of chemicals and preservatives and you can keep it in the fridge to extend life but all in all I was happy to pay £24.95 (which included a mitt and a pair of rather sexual black gloves that can both be re-used).

Application – I’m always irritated with packaging that tells you to “apply after/before using our other product that costs £XX and you didn’t buy”. They recommend their own exfoliator but instead I used Soltan’s Beautiful Bronze Exfoliating Sponge at the bank busting cost of £1.66 and instead of their special moisturiser to protect knees and elbows I used E45 cream, because I have sensitive skin and that’s all I like to use, and use I do by the bucket full. Just make sure not to slather it on too heavily or no tan will get through at all.

Besides this I literally followed the instructions to the letter, spraying onto the included mitt and applying as evenly as possible. I did wonder whether I was putting enough on but you can see the colour guide cute clearly. As with all fake tan, even though I waited for it to dry before putting on my lounge pants they still got a bit tanny but that happens with all products I find. The box says for a golden tan, leave on one hour and for a darker tan up to 3 hours but NEVER any more. I was brave and left it on 2 hours and was very happy with the colour. This was on Saturday morning, I’ve washed every day, exercised and still have a nice, un-flakey colour to me. I have moisturised religiously and patted myself dry rather than scrubbed however and I feel like this has helped keep the tan. Even so far my tummy hasn’t got to that horrible flakey stage but I’ll probably start exfoliating tonight to let it fade gradually.

Smell – Quite tropical and nice when going on, does have a bit of a distinctive smell but not as obvious as some roast-chicken-and-biscuits-tan smell. Not offensive or unpleasant at all.

Tips – Get a willing friend/neighbour/family member to tan your back. I’ve since bought a Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Back Applicator and will try that next time just in case I can’t rope any willing helpers in, though really I think it’s better to get someone to help you. If they love you they would….

Also – take your time to apply it right, and put lots of dark towels down. My bathroom has carpet in (bleugh) and I could quite easily have covered it with tan as the spray needs a careful hand.

Overall – I really liked this product! The colour is much nicer than some of the gradual tans and much more predicatable. At first I didn’t feel like it was tanned enough and maybe I should have left it on the maximum time, but after rinsing and examining my white knicker lines I think 2 hours gives a nice, natural looking colour. It didn’t turn my feet orange and it hasn’t been rubbing off all over my white tops and inside of my shoes. I can suffer allergic reactions from some cosmetics but was fine with this, even on my face. It says it is fine to use on face but can get in pores and Fake Bake recommend their special tan for faces, but I was happy with the results. A bit of a faff and in an ideal world I’d prefer to get my tan done for me but quick to develop, you don’t sleep in it and relatively easy to apply – so a winner for any last minute events/dates/parties 😀

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