Ah the mini-break. Any Bridget Jones fan worth her salt will know her opinion on the matter of the mini-break but to reiterate:

This can’t just be shagging,” Jones reasons, “mini break for holiday means true love“. (Of course this was with love rat Daniel Cleaver, who was shortly caught at it with another woman).

But that aside and back to the break away….

This time to the beautiful Isle of Man. I’ve never been before and had no idea what to expect except that I’d been told that it was a bit like “the land that time forgot” and somewhat “in the dark ages.”  Even so I’d also been told that people who move there, stay there, love it, and think of the Island as The Mainland.

For me, it was just perfect as I absolutely love the countryside, the great outdoors and especially the beach and everywhere you went, there was a beach! Not only that, there was no one else there on the beach to get in your way (although it was a bit cold for paddling).

The weather was very breezy and brisk, but we were lucky enough that when it did get a bit cloudy and we saw some rain it soon cleared. What’s more we were told that if it’s raining in one part on the Isle of Man it’s usually dry somewhere else 🙂

But it wasn’t all fun and games to be had. We were there to support and watch the End2End mountain bike race. Which got me thinking, could I do that? At least start it? Then I remembered that besides anything else I hadn’t yet achieved this years target of the 10k run. I did the 5k Race for Life but what about my personal 10k challenge?? Need some motivation I think!

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