Just like the Boots Autumn advert, summer is over before it even really begun and since I’ve been jogging all spring and summer, I decided it was time to get out in the cold and keep it up!

So at the weekend I invested in a new running jacket (high visibility for dark nights), long running trousers and special running gloves  (with an ingenious pocket for a door key). I didn’t spend a fortune, £10 trousers, £14.99 for jacket and £2.99 for gloves. First run out tonight (it’s about 10 degrees) and I really appreciated the jacket against the harsh autumnal Yorkshire gale force winds. Theory is if you start running into the wind, on the way home the wind is on your back and this will help you avoid getting a chill when you’re all sweaty. I try remember this when I’m getting blown away. Anyway I’m dressed for winter and personally I think I look very fetching….

So in addition to gloves, warm socks, high visibility jacket and running into the wind at first, I’d also recommend:

  • Keep warm. I cannot run with cold ears and if it’s even slightly cold I need a thick headband or ear muffs. Cold ears make me angry and upset and gives me a headache. When it’s really cold protect your head as 40% of body heat escapes through your head
  • Bring tissues. I am always snotty when I run, hay fever in summer, coldness in winter. Snotty AND red and sweaty isn’t a good look
  • Don’t overdress. You’re going to warm up once you get moving so you should feel a bit chilly when you start your run. If you’re warm and comfortable when you first start, you’ll probably start sweating very early in your run. However, with layers you can always remove them if you get too warm
  • Keep drinking water. I can’t run without my water bottle now. Even though I don’t drink that much it’s like a massive safety blanket for me and I have to have it with me now. In winter is it also important to drink frequently as you still heat up and lose fluids through sweat. What’s more cold air also a drying effect which can increase the risk of dehydration
  • Take your phone with you. It’s always important to have your mobile with you in case of an emergency, and I’d recommend that this is especially necessay in winter when it gets darker earlier. Besides that, travel as light as possible
  • Enjoy it! I think it really helps to keep changing your route to keep it interesting and change your goals often. Also, when exercising outside you work around 20% harder than in the gym, so be proud of your achievement

Update: Latest new tip: when finishing your run and you feel yourself getting really tired, try to direct your route past a group of teenage boys. They will inevitably start to try and ‘race’ you or run alongside you offering words of encouragement. You’ll have no option but to save face by quickening your speed and carrying on until they get bored/tired. 

2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. All great advice. Did you visit Sports Direct for the Karrimor jacket? I got a long sleve running top for about £8.99 about six months ago its been really good.

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