For 10 glorious days I managed to see some sun and experience SUMMER!! Of course I had to leave the country and I went to Cyprus, Limassol to be exact and it was just an amazing break.

I’ve never been to Cyprus before and I think it is now my new favourite place. The weather was hot hot hot with sun every day, the people were so friendly and for 2 days we managed to remove ourselves from our sun loungers and see some of Cyprus.

Here are some highlights from the holiday:

  1. The beach

2. The views and scenery

3. The food and drink (both at the hotel and the local restaurants we ate at)

4. The diversity between the Cypriot and Turkish side (which can be seen so clearly from the top of Debenhams in Nicosia)

The only down side was being thrown back into working life in the UK with a massive bump and I’m definitely in winter mode, so much so my wardrobe has gone from…


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