So it’s nearly Christmas, and I am reminded how much things have changed in the last 2 years. Big changes. I now live by myself (like a real grown-up), occasionally I do the washing up and sometimes my flat is even tidy! I eat proper things for my tea (most nights) and I have only locked myself out once. This is the first year I have decorated by myself and I am devastated that Tesco ran out of ‘Joy’

Joy decoration from Tesco

However I did manage to get some bargain decorations (thanks Matalan, Asda and B&M Bargains) and decorate my humble flat for around £25. The theme (because you have to have a theme) was ‘Jewel Colours’. This was my inspiration:

Christmas tree with pink, blue and gold decorations

I wanted some really bright colours as my flat is fairly neutral. My ideal Christmas tree would be a red and white Scandinavian style set up. But this would NOT suit my modern, slightly pokey flat.

Maybe we’re going a bit too far here as I am on a budget but this is the kind of look I am after….

Now I won’t like to you – my apartment doesn’t look this good (mainly because the ‘Joy’ is missing, but I think we’re getting there.Will keep you updated….

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