So if 2011 was generally about loss and feeling lost, with a mixture of amazing times such as weddings, best friends and reunions, 2012 was about starting again, all things new, being independent (in someways but not in others) and travelling new places – what will 2013 bring?

New Year itself went off with a bang (followed by a cascade of balloons falling from the ceiling swiftly followed by a net….) with great company at my first ever proper New Years DO. It involved lovely dinner, some dancing and enough red wine to turn my teeth purple (which isn’t much to be fair). So thank you to all involved, especially OH who sorted it all (who I know will read this on Twitter and ask me what OH means later – it’s ‘Other Half’).

This year already has begun with exciting new challenges as I signed up to join Cosatto‘s campaign to save the world from boring baby stuff as of 2nd January 2013. That makes today the end of Day 2 as Cosatto’s PR Manager. So far, so good and I am really enjoying something new to get my teeth into. I was feeling a bit daunted this morning, especially by 11:30am when I realised I’d not yet really started anything properly, let alone get anything major ticked of the ‘to do’ list, but a few encouraging words from my new team mates and several hours later I’m half way though writing the first drafts for SS13 press releases. Whoop go me!! The commute so far has been fine…. will be pleased to get into NEW car next week though as poor Suzi the Suzuki is getting blown around a far bit on the old M62 (not to mention struggling with those up hill bits and overtaking). Freddie the Ford will be much better I am sure.

Studying continues so here’s hoping 2013 will see me get my CAM Digital Marketing Diploma. No doubt I’ll be keeping everyone updated with what the weeks have been about throughout 2013 – watch this space 😀


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