Here I am admitting to 10 fabulous songs I’d forgotten about. I have phases when it comes to music, sometimes I just want good old pop from Radio One. Sometimes I prefer XFM and can’t wait to get past jct 22 on the M62 so I get reception. Today I remembered Spotify and a variety of music I cannot believe I’d forgotten. So in no particular order:

  • Feist, Lovers Spit

After Apple used Feists 1,2,3,4 song I’ve just been hooked, mainly because she has a song where my all time fav Buck 65 dances in the video….

  • Mystery Jets, Melt

I started liking Mystery Jets because of “2 Doors Down” (love a song with actions) and they didn’t disappoint at Leeds 2010.

  • Metronomy, Heartbreaker

Heard these in Topshop first I think (random) and love their album The English Riviera. They’re from Exeter like my friend Sam and in the video for Heartbreaker they go places I’ve been 🙂 Also I can’t say their band name.

  • Hadouken, Declaration of War

Time to liven things up with a bit of Hadouken, this used to be a classic at the gym on the treadmill, you can understand why can’t you? Along with Liquid Lives.

  • Guillemots, Big Dog

A bit funky this one! I absolutely love the Guillemots Made Up Love Song #43 and I had chance to see them at uni after Get cape. Wear cape. Fly. But I didn’t. Because I am a fool.

  • The Cure, The Loudest Sound

I lied… I never really forgot about this, but after hearing it on XFM the other day, it deserved a mention.

  • Counting Crows, Speedways

Probably my favourite Counting Crows song. Ever. This song is deep! Usually things are pretty bad if I’m listening to this….

  • Chapel Club, All The Eastern Girls (David’s Lyre remix)

Laura who I worked with at M&P introduced me to this song… still love it!

  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Atlas Hands

Don’t really know what to say about this one – just love it and the video is really cute.

  • Bloc Party, Like Eating Glass

Reminds me of my pre-uni days driving round in my pale green Corsa when says were simply and my dream was to become a Marketing Manager 😛

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