Wish List

The Wish List or more accurately Dream Shopping List got started whilst I was at uni and got fed up not being able to afford everything I wanted to buy. So I started making a list off all the things I wanted from big to small instead of buying them. Like therapy. Read more about how I am trying to save….read the blog This Week’s Been About Savings.

Over the months some of the things on the list I’ll get. I am typing this on the work IPad which I may not own but get to use. I also finally got my Mulberry 🙂 Also in shot you’ll see my gorgeous Fossil watch which I adore.


Why not tell me what would be on your Wish List? Is anything on my list also on your list? Get involved… submit your list and then I can include your lists on the page 😀

5 thoughts on “Wish List

    • Re: towels – I love the massive towels! I guess you are allowed to buy some.

      Re: TV bed. You MUST buy a TV bed. However when you’re next on hol the bed may not be there when you get back. But I won’t know who has stolen it. But you’ll be able to come over and see my new bed which has a tv in it!

      Re: new post of favourite/hated things. As I can’t seem to comment on it on it’s own page,I shall do so here.
      I haven’t read your hated books, however I guess most of them will have been uni ones. I haven’t listened to your favourite songs so I shall do that and comment accordingly. I also love 1984. However we do not have enough things in common. So. I suggest you read the following:

      The Enchanted April – which I love and is one of my dad’s favourites…so you might not like lol. But I do.
      The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets – as it’s an easy holiday read.
      Umm…I can’t think of anything else now as you’ve texted something. So I shall carry on later!
      Much loves xx

      • I’ve heard of The Lost Art…. btw I own most of those hated books, so gladly take them!

        I must have looked at some many big towels, but not sure if they’re big enough. Also the search for a bedside table resulted in nothing but I guess it doesn’t matter now.

        You may neither steal my not yet bought TV or TV Bed. How rude!

  1. I’ve only just seen your reply. Its only taken 5 months so thats not bad. You will now need more towels to go with your new flat :). I will no longer steal bed as I have turned over a new, non-steal leaf. That I stole. I hope your move is going okay. 🙂 sorry I couldn’t help, but I’m a cripple. Crippley joy! much loves.al

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