Lorna Wish List 2011

Lorna’s Dream Shopping List

  • An expensive designer handbag. Might be a Mulberry, a DKNY, a Mark Jacobs or a Michael Kors. Either way it needs to be expensive and timeless – but not too expensive that I feel bad for using it
  • An iPad, because two laptops and a HTC phone are isn’t enough
  • New suit – in back, with skinny leg trousers rather that bootcut or wide legged, I trip over those
  • A holiday, perhaps to Cape Verde in the Early Spring
  • Lots of clothes from lots of shops/websites – currently loving the cute tee’s on Forever 21
  • Some new sports gear for the gym. My gym trousers are so worn they’ve gone grey. Not a good look. Quite fancy the Reebok Easytone – but the range is a bit on the pricey side, although if it works….

Ok so on reflection that’s not so bad. Always on the list is also Agent Provocateur silk Pj’s (in pink not black) and the Crysler Crossfire.


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