By Sebastian Falks.

Another book I started reading because I heard about it coming to the screen, this time the small screen as a BBC two part drama. A friend said I’d love it so I though I’d give it a whirl and I did really like it.

The jumping backwards and forwards in time sometimes did annoy me, as I wanted to get back into the heart of the story – the romance between Stephen and Isabelle and find out what would happen and where they would end up.

But there is so much more than this book, and the steamy romance between these two star crossed lovers is only the tip of the iceberg as we’re transported right into the heart of World War 1. Having studied WW1 in both history and English Literature, I’d already read All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque and poems by Sassoon and Owen, so I knew what to expect. Nevertheless I’d never experienced the horror from those digging the trenches and tunnels underground before, often trapped by the aftermath of the bombing and left to die. Falks portrays this feeling incredibly well, as well as showing how these men now strugle to fit back into society in a normal way whilst on leave. The madness of it all is slightly similar to Catch 22 but no where near as insane, but in a way just as telling.

As I said before the changes in time was slightly annoying for me, and I’m not sure what certain parts added, without wanting to give away too much. Well worth a read though. Another cryer….

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