We Need To Talk…


We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

Well it took me to the end of the book to realise Lionel is a woman, who’s own questions about whether to have children are mirrored in Eva, inspiring the book with feeling the need to add to the list of “motherhood’s shortcomings, along with diapers and lost sleep: son might turn out to be a killer

To be honest, at first I didn’t like this book at all. I bought it at the airport and it bored me on the plane. I didn’t like Eva, found her pretentious and show-offy as she writes endless needy drivel to her ex husband about how horrid her life is since that day and to be honest I only bought the book because I’d heard about the movie.

I was so wrong. Eva soon won me round and the book drew me in so much so that I finished the book after a marathon reading night during which I didn’t stop crying. I’m sure everyone of a certain age, whether planning children or not, share the same concerns with parenthood and the sense of unknowing who exactly it is you are living with. In short, I felt Eva’s pain, her frustration and her loss and I cried buckets for her.

As for the film, although I’ve not seen it Tilda Swinton in my opinion would be an excellent choice for career driven Eva, I just don’t know how on earth it would translate… As surely these letters can only be read.

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