My Dad brought a massive box of old photos round a few months ago, and I wanted to share a few with you. These are some of my favourite pictures of me, and I think they say an awful lot about my character. In the photo on the left, I am 5 years old playing ‘house’ with my Sylvanian Families on my Birthday. If I had my way I would still play with Sylvanian’s now.Young Lorna

The second photo I am a few years older, this time by my playhouse wearing an awesome jumper I wish I had in grown-up size. And I wonder why people say I am ‘homely’.

How much, besides the obvious have I changed in the last 5 years? Well…

  • I still detest baked beans
  • I still choose pate and scampi to eat in the majority of pubs I go to
  • I still demand a massive amount of ketchup with pretty much every meal
  • I am still wary of tomatoes, especially whole or large cut up ones. Cooked or finely cubed are acceptable (just)


  • I will now eat things other than pate and scampi
  • I have a real flat to play house in
  • I no longer have an imaginary friend

That is all…

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