So it’s officially official. After 2 years I am leaving Playrite and the world of synthetic surfaces and launching myself (quite literally I’d imagine at some point) into the world of babies, parents and all things adorable. That’s right I have signed up to Team Cosatto to join the mission to help save the world from boring baby stuff.

I could not be more chuffed. Today I called in to meet the team before my official start date in January and got to enjoy an absolutely amazing home-cooked Christmas lunch. I could get used to that.

I think you’ll agree their products are amazing. Bright colours, bold prints and amazing attention to details. Overall – fun, fun, fun!

Cosatto travel system

Cosatto travel system

My new role is PR manager and after receiving my main tasks today I literally cannot wait to get stuck in. Especially when everything looks as cute as this:

Cosatto pushchairs store design

Cosatto pushchairs store design

So my first day is Wednesday 2nd Jan – keep everything crossed for me and I’ll report back after Christmas!!


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