Every single day I have to remind myself of three things:

  • Emails can be saved and used against you (or for you)
  • In emails you might be trying to be quick and direct, but if you start an email with “Dave” and not “Hi Dave, how are you?” it instantly looks arsy

Recently I’ve had a good chuckle at some emails. My colleagues and I like to find the worst spelt emails possible. Here is a great example below. It doesn’t even make sense….I just had to take a red pen to it:

The next email, to me, embodies everything that is wrong with in business these days. Where I work, our sales office prides itself on being polite and helpful. Yes we make mistakes, but we fix them too, as quickly as possible and that’s one of the things we find really important at Playrite. Because of this, I expect everyone else to be the same. They’re not.

A few months ago I ordered some blank sample cards. I went with a company we’d used previously before I started, though I had been warned about their reputation. We had some issues with the print being wrong first time round (which I was blamed for) which turned out to be the printers fault and was fixed quickly. Now I find 2 cards incorrectly printed. I ask if they think they’ll be more and what can they do, and I’m questioned about why I have only just got to the end of box 100!? I’m perplexed! Surely it’s not their concern how quickly we produce our sample cards? We needed them by a certain date because I said so. They were late, wrong, then finally I received the correct version and now it looks like I won’t have the 1,000 sample cards I paid for. The director replies:



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